Thoughts this week- from our Founder, Emma.

I think most of us have read the news this week and heard about the extremely shocking report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The report released on Monday by the IPCC said that the world is likely to pass a dangerous temperature threshold within the next 10 years, pushing the planet past the point of catastrophic warming. They warned that climate disasters will become so extreme that people will not be able to adapt. Basic components of the Earth system will be fundamentally, irrevocably altered. Heat waves, famines and infectious diseases could claim millions of additional lives by century’s end.

This is our children's future, their children's future. Someone once told me, "we have not inherited this world from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children". 

So what can we do? We all know that we can change the way we travel, think about the electricity we use and the food that we eat- less meat more plants etc. But I'm here to talk about the choices we make for the clothes we wear and the choices we make for our children. And no, I am not by any means saying stop shopping in your favourite high street shops, become vegan and cycle on Sheikh Zayed Road to work every day- but, maybe just maybe we can all do a little bit. I do believe a little goes a long way, and together we can make a difference. 

If you've been following us you would have certainly by now heard of our tag line, 'Purchase with Purpose'. Our clothing is locally made here in Dubai, our fabric is made from natural fibres, it's pure linen. We don't ship overseas. We are made to order, so we create minimal waste; curbing over-production and over-consumption, and our clothes are RESIZABLE- meaning they last your child longer. Our clothes are ultimately created to help you build a wardrobe of trend-resistant investment pieces for your child.

All I ask is that you think about why slow fashion is important, and try to buy locally wherever possible, whenever you can. The world is moving towards greater truth and transparency. Fashion is moving with it and we have to show up and say 'yes' to the labels who care and 'no' to the labels that don't (yet).

Purchase with Purpose and be part of the solution. You won’t regret it. 

With Love, 


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