Learning from our little humans?! Yeah, right

Dear fellow parents,

Does anyone else already feel exhausted from the week and it’s only just started?! Happy the kids are back in school but I forgot just how stressful the rush of getting up and out the door is! Parenting is an incredible journey filled with joy, love, stressful moments and, well, plenty of surprises. I’ve been thinking about this all morning: how one of the most amusing aspects of raising kids is the unexpected life lessons they can teach us. Our kids may drive us crazy at times, but they also have a knack for showing us the lighter side of life. So here’s a little run down of what I think we could learn from our little pint-size humans..


1. Embrace the Art of Negotiation:

   Kids are like tiny diplomats, and they can negotiate their way out of almost anything. Let’s take notes! Who knew that bedtime could turn into a high-stakes negotiation over the number of bedtime stories? 


2. Enjoy the Small Wins:

   Ever seen your child celebrate something as trivial as finding a shiny rock? Kids teach us that celebrating small victories can bring immense happiness. So, when you finally get them to eat their broccoli, consider it a grand triumph!


3. Unleash Your Inner Artist:

   Kids don't worry about perfection; they dive into art with wild abandon. Their masterpieces might look like squiggles, but they inspire us to embrace creativity without judgment.


4. The Magic of Imagination:

   Kids have a boundless imagination, turning cardboard boxes into rocket ships and cushions into forts. They remind us that our imagination can lead to incredible adventures, if we let it.


5. Patience Is a Virtue:

   Waiting for a toddler to put on their shoes can feel like an eternity. Kids teach us the true meaning of patience, as well as the art of deep breathing exercises…right?!


6. Express Yourself Freely:

   Ever noticed how kids speak their minds, unfiltered? While we may not want to adopt this entirely… it's a good reminder to be open and honest with our feelings.


7. Laugh at the Simple Things:

   Kids find humour in the simplest of things, from silly faces to unexpected sounds. I’m trying not to forget to laugh at life's little quirks – it seems good for the soul.


8. Enjoy the Moment:

   Kids have an incredible ability to be fully present. When they're playing or exploring, nothing else matters. Take a page from their book and savor the moment, phone-free.


9. Naptime Is Not a Bad Idea:

   Who wouldn't love to have a designated naptime every day? Kids know the importance of a good rest, and we should too!


10. Never Stop Learning:

    Kids are perpetual learners. They're curious about the world and soak up knowledge like sponges. I’m trying to embrace their thirst for knowledge and cultivate my own sense of wonder in learning new things.


Ok, so our little ones may not have all the answers to life's big questions, but they certainly know how to make us laugh and appreciate the simple joys. So, as we navigate the world of parenting, let's not forget to be open to the lessons our kids can teach us, no matter how hilariously unconventional they may be. After all, parenting is a journey best enjoyed with a sense of humour…


Happy Monday!


Emma x 

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