Purchase with Purpose & Shop Sustainably

Here at Sunday’s Child we buy only the best quality linen. Sewing with high-quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail, our clothes are more durable and long-lasting than mass-produced clothing.

It would be so much cheaper to source and produce our products in Sri Lanka or Bali but we love selecting the buttery smooth linen ourselves and watching your orders being made, It’s the epitome of quality control. 

We want YOU to consider things you maybe never thought to ask about clothes...Who made this and where? How were they compensated and how were they treated? Are the materials I'm putting on my skin chemical-free, natural, good for my health? How much water and energy was used to produce this and is this material a renewable resource? Am I supporting local creativity and business? Were animals harmed in the making of this? 

I know, It's a lot to consider when you just want to buy a lovely little dress for your little one. But the world is moving towards greater truth and transparency. Fashion is moving with it and we have to show up and say 'yes' to the labels who care and 'no' to the labels that don't (yet).

Purchase with Purpose, you won’t regret it!